June 17, 2019
  • 7:01 am Eps. 125: The BAD SASS Comedy Group

Bad Sass is a comedy troupe featuring Alison Thalhammer, Jen Star, Kristin Wall, and Jenna Reilly.   These Second City Improv alum write perform and produce all of their own content and have collected an eclectic amount of short skits which are featured on their website badsasscomedy.com and on their youtube channel. 

When I asked the group how they would describe theirselves they said simply “Smart-Adult-Women”  

I learned about Bad Sass and what they are doing through a friend of mine.  I checked out their youtube channel and liked what I saw and taking into account how often this show takes on politics, I thought a change of pace might be nice. 

I met with all four members of Bad Sass a few weeks back.  We talked about their sketches, their creative process, and for some reason their strange preoccupation with wearing moustaches. In addition we also talked about the fact that they are all women writing and performing comedy together which is somewhat unique.  I was quickly schooled on this though as it was pointed out that if it were all group of just men, I probably wouldn’t even acknowledge it.  And they are right. 

BAD SASS will be premiering their second season on July 10th. In the meantime I recommend everyone go to their youtube channel or website and check out the first season. 

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Stephen Daniels