March 20, 2019
  • 7:01 am Eps. 122: Congresswoman Katie Hill

If you’re from the 25th Congressional district and don’t live underneath a rock, you’ve heard of Katie Hill.  She was elected Congresswoman of this district this past November and has since taken Washington by storm.

Katie is an Aqua Dulce resident who grew up in both Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley.  She was the Executive Director of PATH a leading California organization that fights to end homelessness She is also a life long Democrat who had never really run for political office before. Yet she beat the odds emerging from being a virtual unknown to winning the election against incumbent republican Steve Knight. 

When the Congresswoman and I sat down this past weekend, it was almost two years to the day when she and I first did a podcast together.r At that time, She had just announced her candidacy and this podcast was the first extensive interview for her to do.  I was immediately struck by Katie during that podcast and I remember saying to her afterwards that I thought she had what it would take to win the election.  However even though I believed it to be possible, I didn’t know if she would make it happen.  But I saw her develop as a candidate over the course of those two years and She has turned into one helluva politician.   

In the two months that she has been serving, Katie has been appointed to some extremely high-profile commissions which includes the House Armed Services Committee and the Oversight Committee where she serves as Vice Chair.  And in case you didn’t know, The Oversight Committee is the committee which held an open televised hearing questioning Michael Cohen about Donald Trump.  

She has introduced several bills including one to commemorate the St. Francis Dam disaster and also has been making several TV appearances on the news channels to talk about the issues and bringing notoriety to the 25th district in the process.

But As part of the Blue Wave, all eyes are on her.  With people on both the left and the right waiting to see if she will deliver on her promises to be pragmatic and fair when representing this district.  It’s a tough challenge. No matter which way she votes it seems like she is bound to make someone angry.  However Katie seems to take this in stride as just part of the job. It’s an admirable attitude.   

Since announcing her candidacy, Katie has now appeared on this show six times.  At this point, She is not only a friend of the show but a personal friend of mine as well.

I talked to her on Superbowl Sunday about appearing on the show again. She immediately said, let’s set something up ASAP when the date became available in her incredibly busy schedule I jumped at it. Other commitments be damned.

Katie arrived at the interview relaxed and in good spirits and sporting a topnotch fashion choice for a shirt.  (She was wearing a “Talk of Santa Clarita” T-shirt after all) 

She was incredibly nice and willing to talk about anything. The truth is I had enough questions to keep her there for three days but I only had about an hour.  So, while we did address some policy issues, I felt that was something a person can always get from her just by watching the news. I wanted to know a little more. Having known her just as all of this had started, I was curious as to how her life had changed and what her perspective was on her new role in government.

I found her to be the same likeable and incredibly approachable person I had met two years ago.  Which is incredibly refreshing from a politician.  I was glad I could say “She’s still the same Katie.”

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A video version will be available in the next few days.

Stephen Daniels