May 15, 2021
  • 4:49 am Eps. 166 Ruth Luevanos

This is Episode 166 with Ruth Luevanos, Democratic candidate for the 25th Congressional District

Ruth Luevanos has many labels.  She is a mother, a wife, a teacher, a union leader, a graduate from law school, and an activist.  Along will all of that, she currently sits on the Simi Valley City Council as an unapologetic progressive.  That’s quite an achievement by itself considering the traditionally conservative area of Simi Valley.  She is also the first Latina ever elected to that position.    Now, she’s running as a Democrat to challenge Mike Garcia in the 2022 Congressional Election.

I have to admit being immediately impressed with Ruth.  She has a helluva resume to run for office and when I met her to do this podcast, I found her to be incredibly funny, sweet and energetic yet still having a very serious determination to solve some of this district’s and the nation’s problems. 

Election 2022 is going to be an interesting one for this district as there are currently four Democrats all vying to challenge Mike Garcia in the general election and, because the district hasn’t been redrawn yet, there’s no clear boundary as to where the district will begin or end.  It’s possible when the district is redrawn one or even two of the candidates might not even live in the district’s boundaries. 

Money is also a big factor in this race.  It will literally take millions of dollars to unseat Garcia who already has a large amount of money raised for his re-election.  Simply put, t’s going to be an uphill battle for all of the candidates.  However, I got the impression from Ruth she’s in it to win it and when I sat down to talk to her I could tell she was going to be a candidate to take very seriously in this race.     

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