October 20, 2020
  • 4:49 am Episode 157: Candidate for the Santa Clarita City Council, Kelvin Driscoll

Welcome to Episode 157  with guest Santa Clarita City Council Candidate, Kelvin Driscoll. This is episode 4 of a four part series highlighting the candidates for City Council.    

Kelvin Driscoll has been living in the city of Santa Clarita for 10 years. He is a husband father of a small child and he has a desire to give back to the community in which he resides.  He is currently a candidate for the Santa Clarita City Council.

This is not Kelvin’s first time to run for office. Less than a year ago, he was running for California Assembly’s 38th district as a Democrat.  However, there were two other democrats running in the race and the democratic vote was split leaving two Republicans running against each other. 

After losing that race, Kelvin spent some time doing some hard thinking before committing to another race and ultimately chose to run for City Council.  As he says in this podcast, he decided to run because he firmly believes he has something unique he can offer to the community.

Kelvin works in social services in Los Angeles. It’s a tough job and it takes a person who is genuine and has good character to be able to do it right.  I think it says something about an individual who has dedicated his career to helping people.   

I have found Kelvin to enthusiastic about politics in general.  He seems to believe in the ability of government to help people and he is eager to contribute. 

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