January 28, 2020
  • 1:10 am Eps. 141: Hollywood manager Joe Williamson and actor Vida Ghaffari

Joe Williamson is a Santa Clarita Valley resident and a talent manager for film and television actors. Vida Ghaffari is an an actor with a long list of credits which include a great deal of independent films. Recently the two worked together on an independent film called “Eternal Code” which premiered Labor Day weekend at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The film is now available on Amazon Prime.

This was a fun podcast for me as Joe is a huge film geek and Vida has been working in the industry on several different levels having done both a variety of independent projects and major studio projects. Joe had initially contacted me about doing a podcast with Vida to talk about the film but after speaking with him, I thought it would be interesting to have both of them on at the same time. We talked about making movies, the state of the industry today, the difference from big productions and independent projects and even what a Hollywood talent manager does exactly.

I do want to apologize to both of them as this podcast was put on the shelf for an extended period of time for various reasons. It was not my original intention. But since the film is now available for streaming, there is once again a timely reason to put this podcast up.

Forewarning: This is a movie geek podcast. So, just know that going in!

Click on the links below to listen or watch the podcast:

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