February 24, 2020
  • 1:10 am Eps. 145: Steve Hill, Democratic Candidate for State Senate

Say what you will about Steve Hill but no matter what your feelings may be about the guy you can’t argue that he’s not interesting.

Hill is a resident of the Antelope Valley and in a lot of ways is the ideal progressive candidate for an elected office in California.  A former U.S. Marine who believes in school reform, supports reducing incarceration rates and wants to create jobs for  his district. He is a small business owner-running his own appraisal business and even does stand-up comedy around the country.

But with all the those things going for him, Steve is also a bit of a rebel.  He doesn’t like the machine that exists within the Democratic party and has been very vocal about it.  There’s also a small thing about the fact that he is an atheist who likes to claim he worships Satan.   

He is currently running for state Senate in California’s 21st district against three other Democrats and incumbent Republican Scott Wilk.  This is Steve’s second time to run for this position.  How serious you should take him as a candidate is arguable. He doesn’t seem concerned with raising the money necessary to win in a race like this.  He also is a bit of an outsider with the Democratic clubs in the district due to his complaints about the party.  Steve claims that he is shunned by the clubs due to some being concerned with some of his views on life-that Satanism thing seems to come up a bit.

Passionate, outspoken, funny, and really, really tall, I maintain that Hill is always interesting to talk to and this podcast is exactly one of those times. 

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