December 16, 2019
  • 1:10 pm Eps. 134: Actor/Veteran/Private Detective, Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer Marshall is a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley.  It’s tough to describe her in a just a few sentences because she does so much.  She is a navy veteran who is also a licensed private detective. In addition, she is a regular working actress. . Not to mention that she is also the mother of two adopted children, a wife, and active in the community by volunteering at the senior center and the vet center.  

Probably best known for a role on the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, Jennifer recently hosted a show on the CW called “Mysteries Decoded” which explored unsolved mysteries, rumors and possible conspiracy theories across the country. When I first met Jennifer in person, the first thing I noticed was just how tall she is or,  I don’t know, maybe I was just realizing for the first time that I’m actually short.  The second thing I noticed about her was just how down to earth she is.  She is friendly and fun to talk to and finally, I discovered just how interesting she is.    She’s lived a diversified and extremely interesting life and we bounced around from one subject to the next. We talked about her time in the Navy, getting into acting, adoption and even being a private eye. Frankly, I think every topic could have warranted it’s own show so we struggled to get quite a bit crammed in on this episode and I think you’ll find Jennifer to be just as enjoyable as she was in person to me  

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